RESULTS - 2023 Summer Smash Tournament held on June 3rd and 4th

Save the date for our next tournament, which will be the weekend of August 19th and 20th. Look for more information to follow soon.

The Medal Winners!


Women's 2.5 Doubles

Gold - Susan Tate/Nadja Powers

Silver - Cara Pinnick/Eloisa Cruz

Bronze - Rachel Stites/Victoria Harlow


Women's 3.0 Doubles

Gold - Vee (Averna) Johnston/Paula Urbine

Silver - Maria Parsenow/Sally Klotz

Bronze - Melanie Barrido/Linda VanVuren


Women's 3.5 Doubles

Gold - Melissa Prows/Nancy Haley

Silver - Jill Clark/Barb Martz

Bronze - Cindy Bolinger/Joan Deschaine


Women's 4.0+ Doubles

Gold - Kathy Zuk/Stephanie Troyer

Silver - Amy Powell/Jill Dmyszewicz

Bronze - Amy Smith/Kelly LaPan


Men's 2.5 Doubles

Gold - Kishor Thapaliya/Suman Pandey

Silver - Corbin Prows/Adam Reece


Men's 3.0 Doubles

Gold - Shane Schroeder/Chris Chapman

Silver - Conrad Graf/Mark Doehrman


Men's 3.5 Doubles

Gold - Sanjiv Aggarwal/Jamie Vandersaul

Silver - Sam Hutner/Sam Barrido

Bronze - Sergio Mamani/Paul Mamani


Men's 4.0+ Doubles

Gold - Mark Cunningham/Doug Homan

Silver - Kevin Reed/Scott Howard

Bronze - Eric May/Carlos Rengifo


Mixed 2.5 Doubles

Gold - Cathy McGuire/Dan McGuire

Silver - Nadja Powers/Suman Panday

Bronze - Cindi Camp/Brian Hart


Mixed 3.0 Doubles

Gold - Cindy Bolinger/William Bolinger

Silver - Vee (Averna) Johnston/Shane Schroeder

Bronze - Paula Urbine/Chris Chapman


Mixed 3.5 Doubles

Gold - Toni Widman/Sanjiv Aggarwal

Silver - Merin French/Kaiden Lehman-Abate

Bronze - Jane Meehan/Joe Altmeyer


Mixed 4.0 Doubles

Gold - Lisa Vedder/Don Ogle

Silver - Kelley LaPan/Jamie Vandersaul

Bronze - Amy Smith/Joel Fillman


Mixed 4.5 Doubles

Gold - Matt Carpenter/Kathy Zuk

Silver - Sally Smithly/Doug Homan

Bronze - Stephanie Troyer/Chris Keller