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Pickleball Dating

Terms of Use

Pickleball Dating™ Rules and Terms of Use

Welcome to Pickleball Dating! 

We want you to know that we are serious about this site because there are many Pickleball players who are looking for a new partner for a single tournament, all the time, or just for rec play and are having a hard time finding one. 

We want to create an atmosphere in which everyone is comfortable, therefore it is important to establish rules which each user must follow. If a user breaks any of the rules, his or her account may be temporarily or permanently removed.

1. Common rules for conduct
The simplest rule which must be followed to achieve a pleasant interaction amongst the users is to use common sense. Which means take the following into account:

·        Each user is a person, so respect other users and their posts as you would want them to respect you and your posts.

·        There may also be minors using the site.

·        Copyright laws and EULA (End User License Agreement) also apply.

·        Everyone is responsible for his or her own content and therefore is subject to the resulting consequences.

2. Create Posts that stick to the purpose of this Site
Pickleball Dating wants you to find your ideal Pickleball Mate (Partner). Have fun with Pickleball Dating and be creative. Keep it short, butgenerally, you post should contain the following info:

·        Info about you, like: your rating, M or F, where you live (don’t give out your personal info in these posts like address or phone number), etc. You can also insert pictures (keep small) or videos.

·        Info about what kind of person you are looking for

·        Info about specific tournaments you want them to play in (if applicable).

We reserve the right to delete any posts that violate the "Terms of Use" or seem offensive in any way based entirely on our interpretation. The posters who use any of the following content will be warned or removed from the forum entirely at our discretion.

·        Insults, personal attacks, obscenities, curses or abbreviations of curses.

·        Illegal, sexually offensive, racist, ethnic, religious or derogatory content.

·        Fraudulant posts (e.g. “Exploits”, “Scams”, “Phishing”, websites and files containing or sending viruses and other malware).

·        Commercials, political, and other advertisements for third party organizations or services.

·        Denouncing other poster’s actions with screenshots or character’s names.

·        Releasing a user’s personal information (addresses, telephone numbers, e-mails, and other contact information) – even if it is your own.

·        Copying or uploading copyrighted material (pictures, texts, etc.)

·        Writing posts which do not relate to the topic such as “spam” or general or controversial statements without constructive content.

·        Posts that jeopardize the good atmosphere of Pickleball Dating or violate the laws.

Only links to external web pages that describe more about the user are allowed. These web pages may not violate the aforementioned rules and regulations.

5. Use the search feature
In most cases, using the search function (by clicking the Magnifying Glass Icon) can help you find the ideal person you are looking for. Familiarize yourself with the search feature and use it.

If all the Pickleball Dating members follow these few, clearly laid out and simple rules, there is no reason for a mediator to interfere or sanction the posts. Furthermore, the friendlier and more fun the posts are in the forum are, the easier it will be to cooperate, to help, and to answer questions.


Have fun and find that Special Pickleball Someone!

Your Pickleball Dating Management Team

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