Pickleball Training and Referee Training


Pickleball is a sport that you can learn very quickly (OK, like in 15 minutes) and start playing almost right away. If you're interested in tying it, just show up at a LOCATION at one of the times listed on the SCHEDULE and someone will be happy to show you the ropes and let you try it out.  Really, it's that easy.

 ...or better yet, attend one or more of our BEGINNER TRAINING CLASSES.  

Pickleball Training - Fort Wayne Pickleball has ongoing new and experienced player training led by certified trainer Mike Schone.  Click HERE to email Mike for more info and reserve a spot.

Referee Training - Referee training is being offered by our own certified referee trainer Revell Revati.  Whether you just want to learn the rules better or g.  Click HERE to email Revvell for more details and reserve a spot.