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Fort Wayne Pickleball City Tournament 2017



LAST UPDATED: 9/7/2017 at 4:30pm


Our first-annual Fort Wayne Pickleball CIty Tournament was on Sep 9 and 10th at Lions Park, 3250 Carew St in Fort Wayne, IN. The tournament was FREE for all FWPA members and you must be a member to play..





It was awesome weather with a field of over 100 teams.


Thanks again to Frtanklin sports for sponsoring and providing the new Franklin-X pickleballs for this tournament.  The worked great.


As a special treat, our friends from Pickleball Rocks will be there both days with a booth showing and selling the latest equipment and cool pickleball t-shirts.


Order of FInish


Saturday 9:00 am - Men's and Women's Doubles


3.0 Women's 19-64    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Makayla Cunningham/Christina Baker

2. Sandy Uptgraft/Susan Weimer

3. Sue Hendricks/Mary Helmkamp


3.0 Women's 65+    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Judy Christie/Sarah Kleinknight

2. Frances Hammer/Judy Wee

3. Lynne Boggs/Barb Bollinger


3.5/4.0 Women's    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1.Courtney Haslup/Renee Buettner

2. Marilyn Haslup/Lori Smith

3. Leigh Meinerding/Gaylan Troutner 


3.0 Men's 19-64    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Dave Weidenbenner/Tom Fitzpatrick

2. Jerry Fisher/Ron Helmkamp

3. David Welter/Kevin Gearhart


3.0 Men's 65+    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Bill Rondot/Ken Flora

2. Lon Gearhart/Bob Neville

3. Tom Roebuck/Doug Wylie


3.5 Men's 19-49    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Lance Evans/Randy Niles

2. Mark Weaver/Mike Ankenbrook

3. Young Heo/Doug Fuchs


3.5 Men's 50+    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Doug Perry/Doug Friesen

2. Gary Gerber/Mike Moyer

3. Bill Solloway/Dave Dahman


4.0+ Men's    See Bracket    See Bracket PDF


1. Ryan Keirns/Mark Oswald

2. Peter Schweitzer/Matt Meinerding

3. Eric May/Brian Reisgies



Sunday 9:00 am - Mixed Doubles



3.0 Mixed 19-59


1. Chris Sherbahn/Joan Deschaine

2. Tim Heffron/Jean Heffron

3. Josh Slain/Laura Slain


3.0 Mixed 60-69


1. Dave Weidenbenner/Michelle Weidenbenner

2. Ron Helmkamp/Mary Helmkamp

3. Doug Wylie/Anna Bowman


3.0 Mixed 70+


1. Tom Roebuck/Jill Perry

2. Gary Harbaugh/Joan Harbaugh

3. Phil Amt/Lynne Boggs


3.5 Mixed 19-59


1. Lance Evans/Amber Illingworth

2. Young Heo/Donna Moore

3. Doug Homan/Dawn Horan


3.5 Mixed 60-69


1. Don King/Paula Marietta

2. Mike Moyer/Janice Forst

3. Dave Dahman/Cindy Orr


4.0+ Mixed 


1. Ryan Keirns/Courtney Haslup

2. Mark Oswald/Coleen Fritsch

3. Mark Weaver/Lori Smith



See you next year!  Keep checking our website for details.

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