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FWPA Mixed Doubles Tournament

WHEN:  Thursday, May 24.   Arrive 9:00am.  WHERE:  McMillen Park Community Center, Fort Wayne

  • You must be a paid member of FWPA.

  •  All teams begin in the winner’s bracket.

  •  Bracket pairings were established by a blind draw.

  •  All teams first match will be best 2 out of 3 games to 11 points. Win by 2.

  •  Teams continuing on in the winner’s bracket will continue to  play best 2 out of 3 games to 11. Win by 2.

  •  Teams playing in the second chance bracket will play one game to 15. Win by 2.

  •  When a team has acquired 2 match losses, you have finished tournament play. Please do not leave before this.

  •  Matches will not be timed. You will be allowed to finish all games.

  •  Foul language and unsportsmanlike conduct will not be tolerated.

  •  Rule questions are to be directed to the tournament directors, Holly Small and Phil Amt.

  •  FWPA thanks you for playing and hopes that you enjoy the tournament!

          Division A


1.   Tim Heffron

      Jean Heffron


2.   Dave English

      Chris English


3.   Bill Solloway

      Julie Hollingsworth


4.   Gabe Lopez

      Heidi Kleinrichert


5.   Terry Younghans

      Cindy Orr


6.   Mike Moyer

      Janice Forst


7.   Don Lobacz

      Kathy Lentz


8.   Young Heo

      Donna Moore


9.   Jerry Fisher

      Mary Wiegand

     Division B

1.    Gary Gerber

       Sandy Uptgraft


2.   Chuck Igwe

      Jennifer Mitchell


3.   Ron Helmkamp

      Kathy Kissinger


4.   Bill Rondot

      Mary Helmkamp


5.   Patrick Mahoney

      Susan Weimer


6.   Jack Billings

      Teresa Kendall


7.   Geno Houser

      Janet Moore


8.   Tom Fryback

      Jeannine Webster

       Division C


1.    Bruce Hartman

       Phyllis Reisgies


2.    Jim Vasil

       Linda Vasil


3.   Gary Harbaugh

      Joan Harbaugh


4.   Lon Gearhart

      Lynne Elder


5.   Greg Towsley

      Mary Bowlin


6.   Phil Amt

      Dar Lane


7.   Craig Keller

      Judy Christie

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