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Pickleball Goes Purple for Alzheimer’s

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Player List

Women's 3.0

Ashley Craig and Juliana Bernabe

Jo Franco and Lindsay Hines

Jody Saylor and Jeannine Webster

Judy Wee and Jaesoon Martin

Judy Christie and Sue Walley

Women's 3.5 A

Sandy Uptgraft and Susan Weimer

Claire Marks and Peg Springer

Jennifer Gebhart and Holly Bireley

Nancy Haley and Laura Ort

Coleen Fritsch and Janice Forst


Women's 3.5 B

Shelley Reinhard and Beth Klopfenstein

Paula Marietta and Chris English

Kristiana Jolloff and Jenny Fuhrmann

Nancy Gilles and Lisa Coy

Women's 4.0

Leigh Meinerding and Marilyn Haslup

Kathy Lentz and Heidi Kleinrichert

Lee Dunstedter and Joan Deschaine

Amber Illingworth and Susan Kiley

Men's 3.0

Travis Bowersock and Mike Fritsch

John Wallace and Jon Rae

Bob Neville and Robert Michael

(They will play a double round robin.)

Men's 3.5 A

Mike Moyer and Mike Moore

Gage Law and Aaron Fifer

Bruce Hartman and Gary Gerber

Dave Rezits and Amund Amundson

Dave Bostic and Jerry Fisher

Men's 3.5 B

James Haley and Glen Witchey

Bernard Mettler and John Brunner

Dave English and Greg Martin

Brad Beard and Chris Sparkman

Matt Pace and Justin Dickerson

Men's 4.0

Roger Hershberger and Doug Perry

Todd Marvin and Dan Schlobohm

Kevin Gearhart and Dave Bienz

Adam Fritsch and Dennis Wood

Men's 4.5

Michael Roenigk and Zach Grubbs

Gabe Lopez and Sean Longwell

Eric May and Matt Meinerding

Lance Evans and Seth Scholfield

Young Heo and Mark Cunningham

Don Lobacz and Doug Homan

Mixed Doubles 3.0

Jon Rae and Jeannine Webster

Chris Sherbahn and Jane Fink

Chuck Dwyer and Judy Christie

Mike Fritsch and Judy Wee

Ben Illingworth and Jill Perry

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Purple A

Brad Beard and Laura Ort

Dave Rezits and Anna Bowman

James Haley and Nancy Haley

Ash Jha and Jaesoon Martin

Bruce Hartman and Susan Weimer

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Purple B

Gage Law and Juliana Bernabe

Travis Bowersock and Jody Saylor

Mike Moore and Angela Murphy

Aaron Fifer and Ashley Craig

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Silver A

Mike Moyer and Coleen Fritsch

David Bostic and Janet Moore

Matt Will and Jen Will

Jerry Schriber and Joan Deschaine

Mixed Doubles 3.5 Silver B

Mike Lantz and Sarah Distelrath

Rob Walz and Holly Bireley

Adam Fritsch and Dawn Horan

Dave Bienz and Sarah Rahrig

Mixed Doubles 4.0

Brent Wertz and Jennifer Gebhart

Sean Longwell and Janice Forst

Doug Perry and Denise Van de Walle

Daniel Kiley and Susan Kiley

Mixed Doubles 4.5

Doug Homan and Kathy Lentz

Gabe Lopez and Heidi Kleinrichert

Mark Cunningham and Makayla Cunningham

Roger Hershberger and Amber Illingworth

Michael Roenigk and Tammie Steele

Who is putting this on:  Alzheimer's Association

What: Pickleball Tournament. All ages. Skill level and then age depending on numbers

When:  March 9-10, 2019

Where: McMillen Community Center

Winners Bracket 2 games to 11, Losers bracket 1 game of 15

Men's/Women's Doubles, Sat March 9, 2019

Mixed Doubles, Sun March 10, 2019


Cost: Registration Fee: $30 includes t-shirt(dri-fit)  plus $5 per event entering.


Medals will be given for the top 3 teams in each division. All proceeds goes to the Walk for Alzheimer’s



Questions:  Call Patti Davis, Community Center Manager:  260-255-2560 

         or          Holly Small, Tournament Director: 260-908-2338

                      or email Holly at 

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